About me

I am fashion lover! Fashion is my passion, I really want to be in the fashion world and make an impression – that is my plan for the future but for now I am just a girl who are inspired by so many bloggers and instagrammers and are going to make something from this. There are goals I want to reach and a whole world I want to see so I will start with this and do the things I love.

I love art, I like to paint using oil colors on big formats. Also sometimes I am sketching something like fashion illustrations.

I love these big cities – Paris, New York, London and others (someday I’ll definitely go to see them). And about cities I love the architecture and beautiful views from the highest places and of course the street style.

I love photography. If I am going somewhere I always take photos and try to make a good capture.

I really like to make a fashion sets on ‘Polyvore’ (http://www.polyvore.com/). You can express yourself and imagine how gorgeous your outfit would look or buy the things you put in the sets. There I find a lot of inspiration.

I love reading books and learn something new. There are so much books, but so little time.

And over all of this the most I love to spend time with my family and my closest friends. They are the ones that supports me and always stand for me when I need them. With them comes a lot of joy and fun and these are the things I need in my life. 🙂

Me in the photo, taken by my dad


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